Bring our 5-minute assessment aid to the sideline, or anywhere you play or practice. SIDELINE works on both IOS and Android based tablets and phones.

Concussion Pro Sideline ® Mobile App

Concussion Pro Sideline ® brings team trainers, parents, coaches and the team physician together through an easy assessment, HIPAA compliant storage system, and a secure mobile access portal.

Our Concussion and Rehab Management System is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

1. An athletic trainer will use the Concussion Pro Sideline ® app to give a 5 minute assessment and comprehend the recommended course of action given. Within 5 minutes of submission an athlete identifier will be generated and securely sent to the designated team physician. It will include the name of the school, the date and time of submission, and the number of flags identified in the assessment results.

2. The athletic trainer, possibly in tandem with the athletic physician, will recommend one of the following directives:

– Immediate medical attention is required

– More diagnostics are needed

– assessment by team physician and trainor within 36 hours and no return to play for a week minimum as per current Texas Athletic guidelines 

In addition, the report generated by the athletic trainer using the Concussion Pro Sideline ® app can be printed. It can be given to the parent/guardian and or team physician to aid in their recovery.

3. If further assessment is necessary and rehab seems likely, the athletes’ physician may refer the player to our concussion clinic for IsoBalance testing and rehab which will significantly aid in the return-to-play decision.